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What we're going through, we're all going through together.

But each and every one of us is going through it alone.

We can only see the world through our own eyes. Every human experience is unique to the one who experiences it. Turns out the MAGA crowd is right; we're all snowflakes. Each special in our own special way

The timeline is happening differently for everyone: Some are just beginning to take it seriously. Some have been thrown out of work. Some are scrambling frantically to serve their customers and keep their business open. Some are having trouble finding basic necessities for their families and their homes.

And some, some are struggling with death and disease. Customers, friends and employees have been hospitalized. Some have died.

And the question everyone wants to know is "what am I supposed to do now?"

What do I need to be doing to keep the wheels on the bus? How can I keep my shit together?"

Of course we can't answer that without asking ourselves "What's going to happen next?" and, of course, none of knows the answer to that.

That bears repeating: No one knows what's going to happen next. NO ONE!

Anyone who tells you anything different that that is lying to you, lying to themselves, or trying to sell you something.

So the first thing we need to do is embrace the uncertainty. Admit that you don't have a single freaking clue, and act accordingly

With the emphasis being on ACT.

You may not know exactly what to do, but you've got to do something!

I've decided to embrace the uncertainty. I don't know if this is the way things are for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years. Truly. I planted potatoes today... just in case.

But I'm taking action to see how I may be helpful to others during all this. How can I best be of service to my clients, my family, my partners, to all of the people in my life in one shape or another.

I'm staying in contact and I'm asking how I can help and I'm asking how they're keeping the wheels on the bus in their little world.  

And I'm sharing their stories. Cause that's what I do. That's the highest service I can provide during these trouble times. I help people tell their story.

If you'd like hear how others are making it through today and making plans for tomorrow gust text the word "TERRY" to 33777...

You'll get an email from me every few days with actionable strategies you can put into action in your life today

To help you sell more cars while you can still sell cars

• To help you stay front and center in your customers lives and their timelines

• To grow and strengthen your network to be of the highest RIGHT NOW during whatever this is and WHATEVER HAPPENS NEXT

You'll hear from some of the biggest sales superstars in the automotive industry like Ali Reda and Frank Crinite. You'll learn from some of the most prolific and experienced sales trainers to ever set foot in a car dealership, legends like Mark Tewart and Fran Taylor. And you'll see exactly how regular salespeople working at ordinary dealerships in situations a lot like yours are setting themselves up to thrive when the wheels start turning.

Don't forget to tell the people that you love that you love them and thank you for being one of the people in my life. I love you for it.

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