5 Things Salespeople Can Do Today To Get More Comfortable Using Video

Their eyes widen, they start to sweat, and every orifice on their body puckers up like I just asked them to step into the ring with Mike Tyson, back when he was MIKE TYSON!

It happens every time I’m in a dealership training a sales staff and I get to the part where I tell them they need to start incorporating more video into their sales process.

Many salespeople just aren’t comfortable with the idea of stepping in front of a camera. That’s not what they signed up for.

Here’s what I tell them. If you weren’t comfortable using a telephone or email, you’d either get comfortable fast, or you’d get to looking for a new job.

Video is more powerful than either of those tools so if you plan on sticking around, it’s time to step outside your comfort zone.

CLICK HERE for 5 ways your sales team can get more comfortable in front of the camera | DEALER MARKETING

Go make a video. Today. Whether you want to or not. No matter how uncomfortable you are. If you need someone to talk you through it, call me.

Terry Lancaster is a social sales trainer, TedX Speaker, and #1 best selling author. He helps automotive salespeople and dealerships make more money, get more repeat business, more referrals, and more reviews by creating better, stronger, more human customer relationships - online and in real life. Learn more at TerryLancaster.org. Call or text 615-212-9228

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