Customer Retention & Satisfaction Program

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Share The Love 365 customer retention and CSI program

If you want customers for life, make sure your dealership is showing up in their life. 

• Thank You Cards & Gifts • First Service Reminders

• Birthday Cards • Christmas Cards

• Newsletters • Sports Schedules

• Calendars • Recipes

Let's schedule a quick conversation about how the FOLLOW UP FOREVER Customer Retention and Satisfaction program  can keep their mailbox full and their refrigerator covered in love all year long. 

Share The Love 365 customer retention and CSI program

Why do car dealerships spend so much more money to bring in new customers than they spend to keep the customers they already have?

Here's the sad punchline:

because it costs so much more!

It costs 7x more to attract new customers than to retain customers who have done business with your dealership before. #HowToSellMoreCars

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Your past customers are your best customers.

They already know, like, and trust you so maintaining that relationship is dramatically less expensive than talking strangers into giving you money.

But every month that goes by without them hearing from you, the odds of them returning decrease.

Share The Love 365 customer retention and CSI program
Share The Love 365 customer retention and CSI program
Share The Love 365 customer retention and CSI program

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