How to Make $100,000 In Your First Year Selling Cars with Scott Klein

When today's guest hires a new automotive salesperson the first question he asks is "How many people do you have any pipeline?" How many names and phone numbers can you write down on a piece of paper? Basically, how many friends do you have?

Scott Klein, corporate recruiter and trainer at Automotive Associates of Atlanta and today's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show, tells those green peas that if they want to sell a bunch of cars right out of the gate, your biggest problem isn't going to be selling cars. Your biggest problem is going to be getting in front of enough people every day. Eyeball to eyeball. Toe to toe. Belly to belly.

Scott says that if you can consistently get in front of 3-5 people a day, you're going to sell a car a day, even if you're just barely an average salesperson. If you show up for work every day and just do that, you'll sell 25-30 cars a month. That puts you in 6 figure territory for the year.

So the big problem is "Where the heck do I find 3-5 people to talk to a day?" 

First things first; make sure you work while you're at work. You're not going to sell a car every day hanging around out back smoking cigarettes and talking about last night's game. Work the floor. Work the service lane. Work all the ups the store hands you.

Then dig into the CRM. The biggest opportunity in the car business is the fact that one year after they bought, 9 out of 10 car buyers can't remember their salesperson's name. Your store has a database of thousands of past buyers who no one has bothered to talk to since the day they drove off the lot. Talk to them.

Thirdly talk to real people in the real world. The waitress who brings you dinner. The cashier who sells you candy bars.  Talk to strangers and see where the conversation leads. And if you can get yourself to any kind of local networking meeting.. DO THAT!

That's how you get the ball rolling. Following up with your customers is how you start the avalanche. Scott says that if you're just starting out you should be in touch with every customer every month. If you'll just do that, within a year you should be working mostly with repeat and referral business. And that, my friends, is where the honey is.

"The car business is a breeding ground for opportunity," says Scott.

The opportunity to make a great living from the get-go. The opportunity to advance in management, even ownership, if that's where your passion lies. Or the opportunity to just stay in sales  and build a network of buyers that you can work with for the next few decades making serious money helping your friends drive the cars of their dreams


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