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Your 2018 Chevy Traverse is exactly the same as the 2018 Chevy Traverse at the dealership across town, exactly the same as the ones at every other dealership across the country. If you sell cars, you're selling a commodity. And there's only one thing that's going to separate you from a million other people trying to sell that exact same 2018 Chevy Traverse. 

Last year, Ali Reda, this week's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show, sold 1582 cars and broke a world record that had stood for half a century. Ali says the thing separates you isn't exactly YOU it's more about how you treat THEM.

"It's not what you know. It's not who you know," says Ali. "It's who knows you."

100% of his business comes from referrals and repeat business, people who already know him and walk in the door asking for him because of how he's treated them and their family and their friends over the years.

He talks about the value of being present, giving your customers the gift of your time and attention without checking your text messages every 5 minutes while they're trying to talk to you.

"Nobody anywhere is more important than that person sitting in front of me," says Ali.

We talk about the importance of belief and mindset - the belief that you CAN sell 30 cars or 50 cars or a 100 cars a month and the mindset that you're not just selling one car to the person in front of you, you're selling hundreds of cars to them and their friends and their family over the coming decades.

Approach every deal from that angle and see what happens.

And I ask the big, obvious question: "How on God's Green Earth do you have time to sell 125+ cars a month, follow up with thousands and thousands of past customers, and still have a life?"

That's the beauty part.

Ali shares the strategies that allow him to close deals in one fourth the time of the average sale, maintain top of mind and tip of tongue awareness with everyone he's ever sold to, and still spend every weekend at the lake with his kids.

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