How To Sell More Cars | Online Car Sales Training

how to sell more cars alpha

• It's like a reality show for your sales team

• Teams and individuals compete for cash and prizes

Connect with customers wherever they are, however they prefer, whenever they're ready before, during and after the sale

Deliver a car shopping & buying experience so fast, fun, friendly and fair, that your customers can't help but tell everyone they know

Get more reviews, more referrals, and more repeat business by building better, stronger, more human customer relations online and in real life

how to sell more cars
  • Connect with More Customers & Maintain Social Distance
  • New Hires • Experienced Pros • Managers 
  • Online Training for Online Sales in an Online World
how to sell more cars

"Just get 'em in the door," isn't good enough anymore.

And in a lot of places right now, it's against the law.

Many salespeople are furloughed, working limited hours, or staring out at empty showrooms during the Great Quarantine. You can't do business the old way and still maintain social distance.

But you don't have to. 

This live online training will help your team create customers, maintain connections, improve relationships, and follow up like never before whether they're sitting at home or sitting on the showroom floor.

how to sell more cars

Whether you have new hires who need to find a way to connect with more customers or veterans who need to embrace the new virtual reality of the car business in 2020, this car sales training event can push them to the next level.

Call or text me today at 615-804-0311 to reserve your spot in the nest Social Sales Showdown or book an event for your team.

In just 30 minutes a week for 4 weeks (100% online), your team will learn to make more friends and sell more cars, to create an army of car buyers who know, like, and trust them often times without ever having met them.