Personal Branding for Used Car Dealers

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How the personal branding miscues of Better Call Saul's Slipping Jimmy McGill can help used car dealers and salespeople make more friends and sell more cars

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Personal Branding for Used Car Dealers: 

The Saul Goodman Chronicles

Spanning two different TV series, and a decade and a half in the telling, the story of James McGill aka Saul Goodman came to an end last month with Jimmy behind bars eating his just deserts, but what a ride he had.

Both series, Breaking Bad and the prequel Better Call Saul, are case studies in reinvention and personal branding. Meth-making chemistry teacher Walter White and his bumbling lawyer Jimmy both invented characters to play as a means to an end for furthering their business endeavors, and it worked like gangbusters for both of them, until it didn’t. One ended up dead and one ended up in the pokey.

Personal branding works for used car dealers and salespeople too if they heed the cautionary tales that Walt & Jimmy left behind.

Everything you know about personal branding is wrong

It’s easy to get lost in the smoke and mirrors of personal branding. Saul Goodman didn’t get his tacky gold-plated mansion because of the shiny suits he wore, the giant inflatable Statue of Liberty in front of his office, or even that catchy slogan “Better Call Saul.”

None of that hurt, but the real money came when Jimmy started going above and beyond the call of duty for his “clients.” He spent days wandering the desert, drinking his own urine to get Lalo Salamanca’s bail money back to Albuquerque. He did that to become a friend of the cartel. 

He became the guy that knows a guy when he bought the veterinarian/ back alley doctor’s little black book of connections, putting the once and future Saul Goodman dead center in the middle of New Mexico’s underground criminal network. Thugs, thieves, pimps, and pushers all started coming to him when they had a problem to solve, and when you solve bigger problems you get bigger checks.

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Make more friends; sell more cars

Whether you’re a used car dealer or salesperson, your brand has nothing to do with your catchy slogan, the clothes you wear, or the giant inflatable blue gorilla out in front of the store.

None of that hurts, but what really matters is who you know and what they think about you. Your brand is nothing more than your relationships and your reputation.

When you go out of your way to solve your customer’s problems, that's when the magic happens. 

  • Helping them find the car, truck, or SUV they need
  • Helping them get the money they need for a vehicle
  • Helping them worry less with a warranty that protects them
  • Helping them service and maintain their vehicle
  • Helping them arrange affordable financing
  • Helping make the second largest financial decision of their life less stressful

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When you go above and beyond to provide an enjoyable customer experience before, during, and after the sale.

When the entire dealership makes a real effort to be your customers' friends in the car business building relationships that last a lifetime by following up for life, sending thank you cards, birthday cards, and holiday cards, by making intentional decisions and habitual systemic actions to show up in their lives so they continue to show up in yours.

When the culture of your store recognizes that you’re never selling a single car to a single person, you’re selling a lifetime of transportation services to them, their friends, their family, their coworkers, and all 367 people on their Facebook feed.

When you make every single customer feel special every single time.

I’m not saying you need to drink your own urine to make them happy, but when you and your team start doing more to treat all people like they're your people, they’ll come back more often, and they’ll bring new customers with them.

Relationships and reputation. That’s your brand. Period.

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