Insert your business into your customers’ lives with JP Ostiguy

Find your people. Invite them over. Give them cookies.

There's your 9 word marketing plan, and that's exactly what JP Ostiguy is doing at Stouffville Nissan.

When JP took the reins at Stouffville Nissan, sales were falling, traffic was non-existent and the marketing coffers were empty.

The old plan wasn't working so he came up with a new plan with less advertising and more cookies!

On this episode of The #GetYaSome Radio Show, JP and I talk about his unique community outreach program.

He "encourages" every employee to host community networking and education events at the store, during office hours, right smack dab in the middle of the showroom floor.

"I'd like to think it was a democracy, he says. "But it's really not."

Every employee, from sales to service, from the GM to the janitors is required to host at least one event. Whether it's a church group, a sports group, or simply people who share a hobby, everybody has to invite somebody in.

"When I first brought this up, they were looking at me like I had 5 heads!" And a lot of them begrudgingly hosted an event just to shut the new boss up.

Now they're asking when they can host another.

Stouffville Nissan provides the meeting space, finds a speaker for them if they need one, and springs for refreshments.

One recent meeting brought in a handful of horse enthusiasts to see a presentation on saddlery.

5 strangers showed up. 3 of them left as customers.

And nobody's is putting the sales strong arm on them, they're just making friends and selling cars. And filling up the service lanes too. They've added hundreds of new tickets in service since starting the program.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust so you might well get to know more people.

But showing up isn't enough. First they show up then you follow up.

JP goes over his CRM timeline that helps his salespeople sell more cars, get better survey scores and earn more referrals without ever mentioning sales, surveys or referrals.

When you've got a problem, there's nothing better than having a friend who "knows a guy" who can help.

When you're selling, you're solving problems, and there's nothing better than being "the guy" that everybody knows.

Be the guy!

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