The 7 Minute Setup with Frank J. Lopes

Frank J Lopes on the #GetYaSome Radio Show talking about Kar Biz and The Korona, plus his new book The 7 Minute Setup [Now Available on Amazon]

Everyone's story is decidedly different and unquestionably unique.

Individuals and businesses in remarkably similar situations can achieve polar opposite results and that's what's happening in car dealerships around America today, says retail marketing strategist Frank J Lopes.

"Same market. Same challenges. Dealer A sells 800 cars. Dealer B sells 80 cars, and their lots but up against each other."

The difference in many cases is that the highest performing dealers right now are connecting, communicating, and engaging with customers at the point where the customers are already engaged: on the phone in their hand. At this very moment.

That can snowball and pay long term dividends.  Those who bought in early, before the coronavirus situation,  and were already connecting with customers whenever they wanted, wherever they needed 24/7 on Social Media are carrying the momentum of those connections into the lockdown and beyond.

We know where the the customers are; we've just got to show up in their lives. Being there is 90% of the battle.

"Step #1 is always: You've got to show up," says Frank, whether it's business or personal.

Frank's new book The 7 Minute Setup was just released on Amazon, and in it, he talks about the futility of "pushing" ourselves toward our goals.

It ain't supposed to be that hard.

Instead, our goals should be so strong, so well defined, that they "pull" us along as we achieve them.

So take a few minutes right now and grab a piece of paper and write down what it is that you want to accomplish, who it is you want to and how it is that you want to feel.

Now get busy doing that.

"You can do this at any time in your life," says Frank. "It doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank. It doesn't matter how much success or failure you have had. It doesn't matter."

That doesn't mean that life's not going to punch you in the mouth. It is.

But now you'll have a guiding force to pull your ass up off the canvas, and back into the fray.

Making it happen.

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