Honey Boo Boo is Killing You

Honey Boo Boo is Killing YouEvery hour you spend in front of a TV screen takes another 22 minutes off your life.

Hell, Watching the TV is more dangerous than smoking according a recent article in the New York Times.

Every cigarette you smoke only gets you out of the old age home 11 minutes faster. If you’re bound and determined to die young and leave a bountiful corpse… kick back and enjoy some tube.

That’s 22 minutes you lose in addition to the hour of your life that you wasted watching mindless drivel.

That hour you spent watching Honey Boo Boo… you’re not getting that back.

And the human need for narrative is infinitely more addictive than nicotene could ever be. What other possible explanation could there be for Honey Boo Boo to even exist?

Your brain is the most complex network in the known universe, trillions of synapses linked for just one reason: To take the tidal wave of information that our senses bring in from the world around us, the infinite set of data points that we gather each moment, filter out the redundancy and noise, and weave it all together in a nice little simple narrative that we like to call reality.

If cigarettes are nothing more than a nicotene delivery device, your television is nothing more than a ready made instant reality delivery system. We get a nice story that maks us laugh, smile, cry and sometimes scream without all the messy hassle of actually living a life.

We get all dressed up in our favorites teams jerseys and worship at the altar of big time college and pro sports from the comfort of our living room. We talk about our favorite sports. We learn all the stats and argue ad infinutum about the minutia of offense and defense. But we don’t go outside and play.

Spectator sport is an oxymoron. You can play or you can watch.

I’ve seen grown in men in fist fights over college football. And not even alumni, We’re talking about people who have never set foot on a colleges campus… fighting about some shit they saw on TV.

And politics is even worse. It’s all just a story line for the soap opera that we call the evening news. We watch the news and documentaries and educational TV telling ourselves we need to stay informed and current. What we’re really doing is confirming our own biases and gathering intel for our next big argument with our damn know it all democrat brother in law.

But our health, happiness and prosperity have almost nothing to do with who’s in the white house and almost everything to do with who’s in our house.

Our Nation’s President there at the white house surrounded by all the pomp and pageantry of the state… he’s just some guy on TV in a nice suit.

He makes us feel better or he gives us something to hate, but either way, it’s a damn good story.

100,000 years ago, humans gathered around the campfires in the evening. They gathered for The warmth of the fire, for the companionship and protection of the group, and they gathered, most of all, for the stories, for the narratives that helped them make sense of the world, created their paradigms and shaped their reality.

They gathered for the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves.

And that’s why we still gather.

That’s why we watch the crap they put on TV today. The addiction is wired in.

Literally, I’ve been trying for the last 5 days to finish this post, but every day I find myself parked on the couch with a remote in my hand. I know that I’ve got better more important things to do. I know that sitting there is wasting my time. Hell, I know it’s killing me 22 minutes at time and I still can’t turn the damn thing off and get up and go do something. The addiction is powerful.

But we’ve got to kick the habit.

The sole purpose of modern commercial television to make your life seem disappointing and sell you shit to ease the pain.

Opt out.

Watching even a little less TV frees up the time you need for the true passions in your life.

It gives you the time you say you don’t have to do the things you need to do to give yourself the life you know you were born to lead.

Spend less time watching the tube and more time exercising, playing, talking to your family and your friends. More time working harder to make your dreams come true.

Quit comparing your life to the make believe lives you see on your TV.

Turn off the TV and get busy leading a life, a real life, so interesting, so amazing that people want to watch you play.