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I'm gonna come back tomorrow and write some really awesome copy about radio spots...

and 3 armed lumberjacks chopping prices.

Seriously, grown men will weep when they read this copy, but right now I'm just tired. Too tired to tell you how my radio spots will change the nature of your business. Too tired to tell you how people will run up to you in the street and tell you how much your commercials mean to them.

Fish will jump out of the river, Hari Kari themselves on your rusty Case pocket knife just so they can hear your commercials one last time as they swim toward the light.

But not now. Now I'm going to watch a rerun of Friends.

Call or text me if you want to talk about it: (615)-212-9228

PS I have to tell you. I used to be a DJ a long, long time ago ( that's me in the picture), but I just didn't have the pipes to make it a career so that's most definitely not me you're listening to. I put the words on the paper, man. That's all I got.

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