Someday is finally here with Marsh Buice

You finally got your wish...

Your eighth day of the week...

If you've been waiting on someday to get your act together, someday is finally here.

if you've been meaning to get active on social media, to improve your product knowledge to step up the experience that you offer your customers... someday is finally here says Marsh Buice from Mark Dodge in Lake Charles, LA.

Marsh is the host of The Sales Life Podcast and my guest on this episode of The #GetYaSome Radio Show.  

After the initial shock of the virus and lockdowns, Marsh's team continues to sell cars through this crisis with salespeople working from home, by appointment only, with pick up, clean up and delivery service.

Which pretty much exactly what they were doing last week,

"We've been doing so much remotely anyway because that's just  how  the business has actually changed," says Marsh.

What the crisis adds is a blessing in disguise for those who had less than fully embraced the new realities because now they're forced to adapt

"This is uncharted waters for all of us." 

For a very brief time the world has leveled the playing. We're all starting over, but we've got to start now. We can't sit around and wait for the all clear sign.

It's time to embrace the uncertainty and take advantage.

Quit focusing on the toilet paper or anything else this crisis has taken away from you and take a good long look at what you have left. Marsh guarantees that it's more than you think.

What do you still have in the quiver that can help get you rolling hard into whatever happens next when we come out on the other side.

It's time to bust a move NOW.

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