Personal Branding For Automotive Salespeople

It's no secret, the internet has turned the car business upside down. I've gone so far as to say the car business as we knew it ceased to exist 10 years ago.

Today, well over 80% of all vehicle purchases begin online.

The big secret though, is that the role the salesperson plays in closing the deal is greater than ever before. No matter how much online research goes into picking the perfect car and finding the lowest price, at the end of the day every car deal boils down to a customer sitting across the desk from a salesperson, looking them in the eye, and trusting them enough to sign on the dotted line.

The NADA says that 70% of all car buyers ended up buying the car they bought, in large part, because they found a salesperson they liked.

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Customers are even starting to Google salespeople and searching online reviews to find one they feel they can trust. A recent survey of 10,000 car buyers shows that 97% of buyers would prefer connecting with a salesperson to guide them through the process BEFORE they ever step foot on the lot.

 You have to be on their shopping list BEFORE they start shopping.

People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. That's nothing new. But today, you possess the greatest device in the history of the universe for making friends, and it's probably in your hands right now... your smart phone.

My Personal Branding For Automotive Salespeople Training Programs help you and your staff capitalize on the unbelievable tools we have available now to connect with more customers, make more friends, and sell more cars.

I've spent 25 years working in the car business, flying under radar, and that's the way I liked it. But 10 years ago the world changed, and I came to appreciate the value of flying ABOVE RADAR, of promoting myself on the internet and building my online image and reputation. Over the last few years, I've grown to dominate Google searches for my name, gathered hundreds of online reviews from my customers, been featured in Automotive News, Forbes, and Dealer Marketing Magazine, spoken at the NADA annual conference, and I've written two #1 best selling books.

Along the way, I've discovered one idea that has changed my life:

The Story You Tell The World, Changes Your World

I'd like to help your store by helping your salespeople change their world.

I'll teach them to create an army of car buyers who know, like, and trust them before they've ever even met them.

Your salespeople will learn: 

  • Reach shoppers earlier in the buying process BEFORE they’ve scoured the internet researching you AND the competition ; BEFORE they've submitted their contact info to every scammy new car lead generator on the internet.
  • Generate their own book of business instead of standing around the office waiting for the Up Bus
  • Create more referrals, more reviews, and more repeat business by building deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers
  • Emphasize the right words and the right pictures on Facebook, Google, Instagram and everywhere else so that they stand out, get noticed and sell more cars.

My program begins with in-store workshops to jumpstart your staff with 17 Things They Can Do TODAY to sell more cars using Social Media.

But the cold hard truth is, most one-off training never gets put into practice. The social media landscape shifts too rapidly, and automotive sales staff turns over too often for a one-time seminar to provide lasting value. That's why we follow up with weekly training videos, 24/7 on-demand archives, a thriving community with 100's of sales people helping each other boost their online image, and live remote training either one to one or with your entire sales staff to answer their toughest questions, solve their most pressing problems, and hold them accountable for actually doing the work.

Because knowledge without action is just entertainment.

Call 800-352-3305 today and let's get started turning your salespeople into local, recognizable automotive experts.

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