How to take positive action in the midst of the storm : Sheri Hoffman on the Get Ya Some Radio Show

If you're wondering what you need to be doing now in the midst of the corona crisis to serve your customers and sell more cars, Sheri Hoffman of Zumbrota Ford and CDJR says you should be serving your customers' needs in the safest, most convenient, most fulfilling way you can.... 

You know, the same as every other day.

The team there is treating this like any slow day at the dealership by working the phones, social media, connections, and relationships to let everyone know that they're open for business and willing to do what it takes to make the experience less stressful for you - whether it's a VIP in Home Test Drive to wrapping up the deal and signing the paperwork at your kitchen table.

Seriously, she was just on Facebook telling everyone that if you've ever thought taking a big ol' Ford Rough F150 out for a spin call her and she'd bring it right to your door!

"We'd already been doing these things so it was just a matter of making the public aware so that we can keep moving on," says Sheri.

She talks about how the positive culture of the store helps keep everyone in a good mood, having fun and eager to help their customers by going the extra mile and by keeping their friends, family and customers in the know about the amazing financial incentives that are being announced daily.

"I really believe in reaching out and connecting," says Sheri "One of the worst things we can do is live in a world of isolation."

Video technology allows her to network with hundreds of other local business people striving to keep the economy rolling along and gaming technology lets this savvy granny blow off a little virtual steam when she gets home.

So what are you supposed to do now?

The same thing you were supposed to be doing last week: making sure that everyone you know knows that you can help and you'll serve their needs they way they wished to be served.

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