All In: How Impactful Teams Build Trust From The Inside Out with Robb Holman

In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in SuperBowl 52. Sportscasters can argue about whether it was offensive prowess, defensive grit, lucky bounces, or generous officiating that contributed most to their win.

Robb Holman, my guest on this episode of the #GetYaSome Radio Show and author of All In: How Impactful Teams Build Trust From The Inside Out, makes the argument that the Eagles won because members of the team occasionally got together for a cup of coffee.


Early in the season, second year head coach, put a program in place for team members to spend one on one time with each other, away from the practice facility, talking about anything BUT football.

Robb says that forming deeper, more meaningful, personal connections allowed the team to bond together, like a platoon in a foxhole, into a cohesive unit less dependent on superstars carrying the team and more ready, willing, and able to carry each other.

We talk about the power of story and how the simple act of Actively Listening to another human being can radically transform your relationship.

"Every person on Earth, whether they realize it or not, longs to share their story," he says, and giving them the chance to do so fulfills one of their greatest needs.

That tills the soil and plants the seeds that allows trust to grow.

And trust is what turns a group into a team.

We talk about the power of presence, and how truly listening (again with listening) instead of waiting for your turn to talk can help you strengthen those bonds.

Robb Talks about gratitude and expressing that appreciation in the language your team member is most primed to accept. He encourages leaders to look for opportunities to help the team form deeper connections wherever and whenever possible even when the connection doesn't seem obvious.

In order to embrace others with differing skills, talents, backgrounds, stories, or opinions, first we have to learn to embrace our own uniqueness, to be comfortable in our own skin, so that we can be comfortable sharing our gifts and our story with others.

That's true leadership... from the inside out.

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