The Sales Power of Authenticity & Mindfulness with Nancy Stevens

"When a person feels validated, listened to, that opens up a whole other way of connection, trust, and rapport. That is huge."

Nancy Stevens, co-author of the "Beauty of Authenticity," and today's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show says we often get so caught up in our own thoughts, worries, and plans that we can miss whole chunks of our what our customers are telling us. 

And that hurts our ability to connect and communicate.

She says you don't have to climb a mountain, burn incense, or buy a magic carpet to increase our mindfulness. All we have to do is practice two things.

 - Notice

 - Be Aware.

When we NOTICE that our mind has wandered away from what's happening in front of us in the real world, simply shift our focus back to this moment and BE AWARE of what's happening right here, right now.

Sometimes a simple 30 second pause is all it takes to completely change our emotional outlook and allow us to practice authentic, active listening with our customers and everyone else in your life.

If you think you know what your customers are going to say before they say it...

If you have a need to interrupt and interject...

If you're thinking about what you're going to do or say next...

Stop doing that.

That's surface listening and it's preventing you from really connecting and communicating with your customers.

If you practice the ability to give the people in your life your undivided attention, your full presence, the level of trust they will bestow upon you grow exponentially.


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