In The Time of the Oddly Curious Squirrel

Coalition for human kindness

Yesterday I watched two deer nap for an hour, held a tadpole in my bare hands & made up close and personal eye contact with an oddly curious squirrel all while sitting on my deck less than a mile from one of the busiest interstates in the southeastern US.

Just a wee bit of kindness to a place can allow it to blossom into a paradise if we just let it be what it is instead of what we want it to be.

Imagine if we allowed that courtesy more often to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us.

be kind club coffee mug

October was a big month for the Coalition for Human Kindness. We gathered our books and audiobooks together under one streaming umbrella to help you enjoy and pass along the BE KIND message, we're giving a free Be Kind Club morning cup of kindness mug to all Coalition Kindolgists, old and new, to help you start your day with a smile, and the Williamson County Library added our books to their collection helping to spread the legend of Nadalada and the Nothing Heads just a wee bit further than the deer snoozing under my old maple.

Be Kind, Y'all!

Welcome to the Be Kind Club.We're finding kindness every day - kindness for ourselves, kindness for others, kindness for the world around us.Join the club.The Be Kind Club aka The Coalition for Human Kindness publishes books and audiobooks showing how

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The Spine Bookshop is having its 2nd Anniversary celebration this weekend.Dozens of local authors will be there telling their tales. We all know it's Amazon's ocean, but owner Lindsay Schultz and The Spine are a liferaft for Middle Tennessee's local authors helping

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Here Come The Nothing Headswritten by Terry Lancasternarrated by Edoardo Ballerinipublished by the Coalition for Human KindnessAn epic poem for children of all ages, Here Come The Nothing Heads tells the tale of Sneezy McSneezerson, Grouchy McGroucherson, and Fluffy McFlufferson

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Tune in to these zen audiobooks and tune out the noise that keeps you from finding your way homeHere Come The Nothing HeadsWritten by Terry LancasterNarrated by Edoardo BalleriniPublished by the Coalition for Human Kindness.Last year, I went down the

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These Zen children's books can help your kids look at the world in a whole new, deeply connected way by introducing the seed concepts of the ancient philosophies of Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen.Here Come The Nothing HeadsIf Dr. Seuss, the

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Meditation is the art of becoming intimately familiar with the present moment.That's great when the present moment is like today's sit was. Perfect 76 degrees. The sun shining. The birds chirping. My mind was happy to cooperate. It's not always like

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