Salesperson or Media Mogul with Ryan Gerardi

Back in the days of yore, if you wanted to be a salesperson, you packed all your wares in a big black bag, hit the road, and started knocking on doors.

Then the telephone made it massively easier to reach as many people in an hour as you could reach all day on foot.

Now, the world has changed again, says Ryan Gerardi, today's guest on the #GetYaSome Radio Show

Over the last 10 years, the interactive web has made it easy for salespeople to reach hundreds, thousands, potentially even millions of potential customers with the click of a button. From blogging to social media to video sharing sites like YouTube, we all have an infinite ability to share our stories about ourselves and about our products.

But the rub is, it's never been easier for our customers to ignore us.

It's not like we can stick our foot in the door and immediately start our sales pitch or call at dinnertime because everyone will be home and, of course, they have a few minutes to talk about the exciting world of education contained in the new Encyclopedia Britannica.

Those days are long gone, and that would be a good way to lose a foot today.

Instead salespeople need to develop a new skill set and a new mindset to compete in today's world with today's technologies. Instead of pitching a product, we need get better a telling a story.

Instead of closing customers, we need to get better at engaging connections.

Ryan says that if each of us would begin to think of ourselves a media companies we can learn to program the right stories to attract the right audience and form the right relationships in mass quantities.

The sale is what happens at the end of that.

Once you have an army of stark raving fans clamoring to buy your product, knocking on doors and dialing for dollars will seem so last century.

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