In The End, The Most Human Company Wins with Mark Schaefer

Most internet marketing is based on a big lie, and here it is:

I'll be able to replicate my way to riches, automate my way to greater sales, sit back on the beach with a fruity umbrella drink, and let the money just roll in

Most internet marketing seeks to eliminate the human factor, but best selling author Mark Schaefer, today's guest on The Get Ya Some Radio Show, says that the true promise of digital marketing is its ability to put humanity back into our marketing and sales processes... at a scale never even imaginable before.

Mark and I talk about the value of becoming known in today's economy. Not Kardashian famous for the sake of being famous simply because you're famous, but being KNOWN in a specific industry or market segment, KNOWN as a valuable resource and a trustworthy HUMAN BEING. Being KNOWN leads to TRUST and TRUST...

Gets... Deals... Done!!!

We talk about the role content plays in creating awareness and building trust, and as often happens on The Get Ya Some Show, we talk about how introverts can overcome their reluctance to put themselves out there.

Mark has big ideas for finding your sweet spot in our noisy world. And it all starts with being exactly who you are.... ON YOUR BEST DAY.

Be you at your best and connect with more people on a more human level, more often, with more human content and more human marketing

Tell your story to the world and let the story you tell the world change your world


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