What Does It Mean To Be A Salesperson in A Digital Era – Automotive & Real Estate

The robots are coming for your job... or at least your commission!

David Cribbs, today's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show, has watched the revolution in the retail automotive business and he's watching it happen now in real estate. Third-parties, vendors, websites, and apps are changing the way business is done, changing the role of the salesperson and agent.

He's battling the robots by connecting with both his customers and his referral network on a more personal level through video content created specifically to help his audience without actually trying to sell them anything.

Selling them something... that happens later.

"Making that switch in your head to providing valuable content for your audience without selling, it's a really big deal." says Cribbs.

Cribbs routinely brings hundreds and hundreds of realtors to open houses and other events and in just a couple of years has networked his way into a role on the reality series American Dream as one of the top 10 Power Agents in Tampa, FL.

He got invited onto the show solely because of the massive marketing actions he applied, the attention he created, and the heads down, no holds barred, blitzkrieg he engaged in to grow his network.

His genius though, is not just courting an audience of home buyers and sellers in Tampa. He turned the entire Tampa Bay real estate industry into his tribe from his competing agents around town to the ancillary companies that all profit from real estate transactions. He built an army of real estate professionals who know, like, and trust him. An army that refers new customers to him. An army that is eager to help promote his show and his business.

His big breakthrough advice is identify your market, identify others who also want to reach and connect with that market, then partner with them to grow and expand your network.

Find ways to bring your offline network and your online network into the same room. The point where those two worlds collide.. That's where the magic happens.

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