Pat Helmers – Find The Itch Before You Pitch

This week's guest is Pat Helmers, host of the Sales Babble podcast and author of the Tao Te Ching of Sales. 

When I got my first sales job selling radio ads in Mississippi, my sales manager told me that I had two ears and only one mouth and that the good Lord intended for salespeople to use them in that same ratio. Pat comes around to the same idea. He likens the sales process to the martial arts where one can beat heavier, stronger opponents by using their own weight and strength against them. 

He says we can land more customers and generate more revenue by selling less and listening more letting the customers own words convince them. He offers up a strategy for moving our customers out of the rational "thinky" side of their brains and over into the emotional "feely" side where all real buying decisions are made. 

And finally, he tells salespeople to not get into such a big rush to start selling. Wait until the customer has given you an opening and given you the exact words you need to close the deal. 

Find the itch, before you pitch.

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