Kinny Landrum on The Get Ya Some Radio Show: Having Fun and Getting Deals Done

Welcome to the very first ever GET YA SOME RADIO SHOW with my guest Kinny Landrum.

Kinny is a car salesperson at Toyota of Bowling Green in Kentucky, and he's changing the way people think about auto sales. His successful branding efforts have landed him on the pages of national automotive publications like Edmunds. Kinny's extensive use of video customer testimonials and social media have vastly expanded his customer and referral base.

It's allowed him to do well by doing good using his platform, network and visibility to advocate for  the proper use and installation of child car safety seats.

In today's show, Kinny talks about how his personal branding and social media efforts keep his funnel full and the first steps new salespeople, automotive or otherwise, should take to start standing out, getting noticed and getting deals done.

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