How trust sells cars in a crisis with Gregg Potts

This week Gregg Potts from Krause Family Ford delivered a car to a customer’s front door for the very first time. Did the whole deal start to finish, test drive to title without the customer setting foot into the dealership. The coronavirus lockdown is causing many dealerships to make significant changes in the way they do business, […]

Someday is finally here with Marsh Buice

You finally got your wish… Your eighth day of the week… If you’ve been waiting on someday to get your act together, someday is finally here. if you’ve been meaning to get active on social media, to improve your product knowledge to step up the experience that you offer your customers… someday is finally here says Marsh Buice […]

Taking the business to your customers with Brandon Sheets

If the customers can’t come to you, you’ve gotta go to the customers. Brandon Sheets from Ramey Richlands in Richlands, Virginia is my guest on this episode of The Get Ya Some Radio Show Richlands, Virginia in not what you would call a metropolis with fewer than 6,000 residents so Brandon has always looked over the horizon for […]

Social Distancing & Personal Connections with Donnie Grady

The world may be trying to keep its distance right now, but Donnie Grady at Washington Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Washington, North Carolina is doing everything in his power to pull his customers in closer than ever from at least 6 feet away. Donnie is taking advantage of the slow floor traffic by connecting and […]

How to serve customers in a crisis: William McCormick on The #GetYaSome Radio Show

Shortly after the West Virginia governor announces that auto dealers are deemed essential services and can remain open, I chat with William McCormick from Ball Toyota of Charleston in this first ever attempt at a live episode of the #GetYaSome Radio Show. We talk about how William is continuing to serve his clients in the midst […]

The Road To You with Dan Moore

All of things you desire, the things you spend most of your waking hours psychological striving for, longing for them, missing them when you go without them.   All the money, the success, the recognition we seek… those are all byproducts.  They’re algebraic outputs of long dynamic sequences of events and inputs (luck or fate or whatever you […]

Automotive Video Messaging with Chad Morgan

According to the studies, more people would rather be the dead body at a funeral than to be the person standing at the front of the room delivering the eulogy.  People are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying. Chad Morgan, my guest on this episode of The Get Ya Some Radio Show […]

All In: How Impactful Teams Build Trust From The Inside Out with Robb Holman

In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in SuperBowl 52. Sportscasters can argue about whether it was offensive prowess, defensive grit, lucky bounces, or generous officiating that contributed most to their win. Robb Holman, my guest on this episode of the #GetYaSome Radio Show and author of All In: How Impactful Teams Build […]

Why You Should Never Follow Up with Your Customers with Dave Clayton

Whatever you do, quit following up with your customers. “It’s not about following up,” says Dave Clayton of Tidelands Ford on Today’s #GetYaSome Radio Show. It’s about remembering that you were in someone’s life and choosing to intentionally go back into their life to see how the heck they’re doing. “Even just hearing the word “Follow up” I […]