A Meditation on Meditation

Meditation is the art of becoming intimately familiar with the present moment.

That's great when the present moment is like today's sit was. Perfect 76 degrees. The sun shining. The birds chirping. My mind was happy to cooperate. 

It's not always like that.

Some days are cloudy. Chilly. Punctuated by random interruptions from mankind and machinery. And some days, my mind just won't be still.

The trick is accepting the present moment for the moment that it is instead of the moment that you so desperately want it to be. Expectations are the enemy of happiness (and meditation!)

Meditation isn't about learning to control your thoughts, escape from reality, or block out your surroundings.

Meditation is the practice of learning to not let your thoughts, your reality, or your surroundings control you.

Accepting them exactly as they are. Recognizing them as brief fleeting fancies. And letting go.

This too shall pass.

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