Taking the business to your customers with Brandon Sheets

If the customers can't come to you, you've gotta go to the customers.

Brandon Sheets from Ramey Richlands in Richlands, Virginia is my guest on this episode of The Get Ya Some Radio Show

Richlands, Virginia in not what you would call a metropolis with fewer than 6,000 residents so Brandon has always looked over the horizon for deals. He sells cars to customers over the phone or over the internet and delivers those vehicles to the customers' front door wherever that front door may be - across the country or now because of the crisis just across town. 

We talk about the recent Virginia state ruling that limits the store to no more than 10 customers at any given time and about the drastic measures they've taken to ensure the safety of every employee and patron, but Brandon points out that today's reality does not have to control tomorrow's potential

"You gotta plant some seeds for tomorrow, " says Brandon.

If you stop doing the things that got you where you are because of this chaos, you're liable to lose ground and have to start all over.

One of the things that Ramey Richlands is doing for tomorrow is sending a personalized thank you card to every customer

"I'm a big believer that you've got to send out thank you cards and birthday cards and different cards that people appreciate and value," says Brandon.

The team at Ramey Richlands takes a delivery picture with every customer and their new ride then turns that picture into a thank you card that they send, and customers LOVE IT.

They stick on on their fridge and they've send Brandon personal emails thanking him for the extra personal touch.

Business hasn't stopped at Ramey Richlands and other dealerships around the country, but it is changing.

And the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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