Automotive Video Messaging with Chad Morgan

According to the studies, more people would rather be the dead body at a funeral than to be the person standing at the front of the room delivering the eulogy.  People are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying.

Chad Morgan, my guest on this episode of The Get Ya Some Radio Show and founder of the Quickpage Video Messaging app, says that's the only logical explanation for why EVERY SALESPERSON hasn't embraced video messaging as their preferred way for communicating with prospects.

"It's the fastest way to build trust and rapport with another human being," says Chad.

"It grabs attention, which is the first part of the sale and then through your voice inflection, tonality, hand gestures, facial expressions, you're able to build a connection."

Other than being face-to face, belly-to-belly, and eyeball-to-eyeball breathing the same air, no other medium of communication can transmit that amount of subtlety and authenticity. It really is the next best thing to being there.

Chad calls it the pattern interrupt that makes you stand out, get noticed and sell more of whatever it is you're trying to sell. While everyone else is drowning in a sea of sameness sending emails that don't get opened and voicemails that never get heard, those who are embracing video communications to follow up with customers are experiencing massive success.

We know it works. 

Video messaging is being embraced by top performers in the automotive, real estate, and entertainment industries. Even the armed forces are jumping in to use video messaging as a recruitment tool.

But still, if you line up ten salespeople, eight of them are going to be uncomfortable speaking into a camera (that whole #1 fear of public speaking thing).

And Chad understands. He talks about his first efforts using video as a sales tool sitting on a park bench in Tacoma recording the same short video message hundreds of times because he just couldn't get out of his head.

So to wrap the show up, we talk about ways to get out of your head and your comfort zone.

He advises salespeople to imagine that they're having a conversation with a close friend or family member, just talking to someone that they are completely comfortable with.

He says to speak from the gut, to get truly centered before they speak so the message comes from the heart instead of your head. 

Don't place too much weight on any one video.  In fact, Chad says when you're first starting you can record every video with the intention of deleting it.

There's no pressure, you're just going to delete the video anyway. Until you record one and all of the sudden that one doesn't seem so bad. Maybe I'll use it after all.

And lastly, but not leastly, Chad says to give yourself permission to be a little goofy, let loose, smile, have a good time, BELCH!

Be exactly who you are because I promise you if you're having a good time recording the message, your customers will have a good time watching your message.

And if they're having a good time, you're halfway to the sale.

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Automotive Video Messaging with Chad Morgan

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