Why Mike Columbus says you should stop selling

Everybody wants to sell more stuff. We're called salespeople, and that's the freaking job - Sell. More. Stuff.

But if you look up Mike Columbus on The Facebook, it says his job title is Relationship Marketing Advisor. His job description is "creating relationships that last a lifetime" at West Hills Honda in Seattle. 

And on today's episode of the #GetYaSome Radio Show, Mike says you need to "Stop trying to sell." 

"It's going to come in abundance if you stop trying to sell. You'll have more confidence. You'll be more empathetic. You'll have better relationships with customers. Then your referral base will become tremendously large and it's much easier to sell to referrals and people you already know."

That sound you hear is 10,000 old school sales managers heads literally exploding.

But it's not like Mike is some fresh faced snowflake looking for a participation trophy. This ain't his first rodeo, and he gets the job done.

A couple of years ago, he decided to move 3,000 mile across the country and start selling cars in a new city, where he didn't know a soul. But because of RELATIONSHIP building skills he was able to land, not just a job, but the exact job he wanted at a dealership supportive of his way selling cars one relationship at a time.

Mike encourages all salespeople to join local networking groups, like BNI, to start building a referral base of people who already know, like, and trust you, people committed to sending their friends and neighbors to you when they're ready to buy what you're selling. Now every BNI chapter in Seattle has a representative from the Haselwood Auto Group.

Networking works.

Mike's invested in building his own website, MikeColumbus.net that does more that serve as an online business card like most salespeople toss up on the internet to check that box on their personal branding checklist. Mike's website has 2,000 vehicles from 12 manufacturers listed online with photos, description and his personal phone number so interested customers can get in touch with him directly.

He sends every customer a personalized thank you card and a box of brownies when they buy, and again every year on the anniversary of their purchase. 

90% of car buyers can't remember their salesperson's name one year after they bought. You can't get any referrals or repeat business from someone who can't even remember your name.

You'd better bet that Mike's customers remember his name.

And Mike's a machine on social media. Sure, he posts cars to sell. He's sold every vehicle he's ever posted on Facebook Marketplace.

But most of his posts on social media are helpful and educational in nature. And Mike does the one thing that many social media gurus forget to tell you to do - actually be social.

He makes a point to like, comment, and engage with other people's post on Facebook. First of all, that helps Facebook's algorithm help him stay in touch with the people he wants to stay in touch with.

But mainly with every like, comment, and WOW FACE, he's reminding his friends that they've got a friend in the car business.

That's what social selling is all about.

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