How Nathan Hays Gets So Many Referrals

You want your customers to come to rely on you. You want to be their GO TO source for solving problems. You need to be the first person they think of when they have a question.

You need to replace GOOGLE in their lives.

Nathan Hays, today's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show, is #1 in Sales and Referrals at the Jefferson City Autoplex in Missouri.

After graduating from college, Nathan found himself underemployed and unable to find a full-time gig in his chosen field. He realized that in his local circle of friends and connections, he knew a dozen real estate agents, a couple of dozen insurance agents, but he really didn't know anyone who sold cars for a living, the people he knew didn't really know anyone in the car business.... and all of his friends bought cars.

That's what you call a target rich environment!

Nate attributes his success to providing a great customer experience and following up early and often to maintain top of mind awareness among his friends and customers.

He gets so many referrals, though because of a little trick he picked up along the way. Every salesperson in the history of salespeople has claimed to be better. Claimed to have the lowest price, the best selection, the best service... but Nate's secret is to be different, not better. People remember different and they refer their friends to different.

Nate's difference is an unwavering desire to be helpful, to solve problems, to make himself useful in some way whether it's connecting your Bluetooth to your stereo or making sure you can get into service for an oil change on your last day before you leave on vacation.

Whether you're his customer or not, whether you're even shopping or not. Be helpful and see what happens!

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