How to Generate 80% of Your Customers Through Social Media with Joey Book

Four out of five cars that Joey Book sells go to friends he made on Facebook. And Joey Book sells a lot of cars!

Joey Book from Lewis Ford in Fayetteville, AR is today's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show.

Joey's not in a huge metropolitan area with millions of people to talk to and he didn't start as an internet sensation. His first few attempts at social media video stalled after trying 200 times to get the perfect take.

But he figured out a few things along the way:

There are a lot more people who aren't at the dealership than are so he goes out into the community every day to meet more people and make more friends. Then he adds them to his growing list of Facebook connections

"It's just the old school stuff. A lot of salespeople don't want to do old school, and I'm over here doing all the new school stuff and absolutely killing it by adding in the old school," he says.

Joey's combined the best of both worlds and now has a steady stream of friends, online and in real life, patiently waiting their turn to by from him.

"Once you get spoiled by not taking lot ups," he says, "It's something you don't ever want to go back to."

Joey works the Chamber of Commerce meetings, drives around to local businesses handing out goodies, not to sell a car, but just to make friends and build a referral network. Sales happen. But they're a side effect.

We talk about how he uses the "dead" time waiting to get into finance to make more friends, get more reviews and more referrals.

We talk about the importance of keeping your Facebook profile clean and free of politics, arguments, or anything else that can make them change their minds about doing business with you.

And we talk about giving your customers a grand experience, literally The Red Carpet Treatment. Buying a vehicle is a big deal, and people want to feel appreciated.

"Your customers want that great buying experience. And they want to feel important to you, not just while they they're buying a vehicle, but after they buy as well."

The formula is simple.

Make more friends; Sell more cars.

Connect with Joey Book

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LinkedIn:Joey Book

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