Mandy Morris – 30 Days To A More Authentic You

It doesn't take 10 years to change your life. The change happens the moment you decide to change.

Mandy Morris, author of Love - It's How I Manifest, worked in horrible jobs from junkyards to corporate cubicles. She bounced from one bad relationship to another.

And the beautiful life she imagined, dreamed about, and wished for eluded her until she dug deep into the entire concept of how happiness happens and reverse engineered the process.

All the stuff we want from the perfect relationship to the perfect job to the Ferrari and the beautiful house on the hill is not actually the stuff we want. We want all that stuff because of the way we think it's going to make us feel.

We don't want the stuff, we want the feeling.

So Mandy changed her life, and now she helps others change theirs using one simple rule:

Does this FEEL right?

Does this decision, partnership, project, activity make me FEEL I want to feel? Am I approaching this from a place of love or fear? Does this feel light or heavy?

Mandy says the universe contains infinite possibilities and it's up to us to choose the path that allows us to flow through life in a state of joy.

And she talks about our limiting beliefs. What ideas do you hold in your head that aren't even your ideas? The ideas that program you to lean away from the choices that will bring you what you truly desire.

Once we skip past the echoes and bad programming in our minds and simply choose happiness, love, and joy, life can change in the blink of an eye and the stuff is just gravy.

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