Joey Book on keeping your Facebook profile squeaky clean

Most car shoppers begin their journey online and a third of them are researching specifically to find a salesperson that they feel comfortable working with. Virtually every single car buyer would prefer to know who they're salesperson is BEFORE they step foot in the dealership, and the NADA says that 71% of buyers bought because they liked their salesperson.

Even after they get to the store, even after they've picked out a vehicle, settled on a price, and are waiting on F&I to sign the papers, they're STILL STALKING your salespeople to find out the real deal about who they just talked to, And why wouldn't they. There's a lot of money at stake and they're going to be sending in those payments for a long time.

So the question is: are your salespeople posting things online to help attract customers or are your customers posting things online to run them off?

I talked with Joey Book at Lewis Ford in Fayetteville, AR. Joey brings in 80% of his customers from his connection on Facebook, and he says he takes every precaution to keep his Facebook profile clear of anything that might give his customers reason to second guess their decisions to buy from him. He doesn't talk about politics. He doesn't talk about gun control. And he doesn't post pictures of him and his buddies at the bar on Friday nights doing tequila shot out of the waitresses belly button.

When I walk into a dealership to conduct social sales training, the first thing I do is have the salespeople stalk themselves because that's what your customers are doing. We talk about clearing out the negatives, letting go of the facebook drama, and learning to use Facebook as the greatest tool in the history of mankind for forming huge numbers of honest, authentic, human relationships,

The formula is simple: Make more friends. Sell more cars.

Call or text me today at 800-352-3305 and let's have a conversation about how ​I can help your salespeople scare away fewer customers on Facebook and start using it to bring them in by the truckload.

Thanks in advance.