Suckers by Roger Nygard & Joe Yannetty

Roger Nygard and Joe Yannetty on the #GetYaSome Radio Show talking about the 20th Anniversary re-release of the car biz cult classic Suckers.

I did a quick survey in a group of almost 10,000 car salespeople to find out their all time favorite movie about the car business. 

SUCKERS was the winner by an overwhelming margin. It's a legit cult classic.

Later this month, it's going to be re-released in full HD and for streaming services so I sat down for a quick chat with screenwriters Joe Yannetty and Roger Nygard, who also directed.

Joe's a former 35 car a month car guy and professional comedian. 

He tells about getting his first job at a dealership and literally going overnight from a casino showroom stage in Atlantic City to a Jeep showroom floor in Hawthorne, California.

Best career move of his life!

"Every customer I made laugh bought a car from me," says Joe.

The ended up writing the script for Suckers based based 100% on Joe's experience at the store and the stories they heard from the more experienced car dogs.

"We never wanted a car sales person to be able to say well that could never happen," says Roger.

The movie stands as a time capsule of the car business in the 80's and 90's from cocaine smuggling rings to shady sales tactics to the eternal question of is it better to rip a customers face off now and make all the money today or is the salesperson's job to make someone love you and create a lifetime pipeline of customers?

You can look at it as a morality play for the modern automotive professional!



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