Joey Little – Maybe It’s Me

Joey Little on the #GetYaSome Radio Show talking about Social Sales, keeping your opinions to yourself, and The Taylor Swift Effect. 

Taylor Swift made a good living for a good long time by writing hit pop songs about how her ex boyfriends were all complete and total jerkwads.

Every single one of them.

Either she's had just an incredible string of bad luck in the romance department says Joey Little from AutoAlert and Modern Dealership Magazine today's guest on the #GetYaSome Radio Show

Or is it time for Taylor to ask herself whether "Maybe it's me?"

Joey talks about the incredible opportunity dealers, and salespeople, and business all have available to them using social media as a platform to connect and engage with customers and create a personal brand to enhance their own reputations.

He talks about how so many of us are squandering this opportunity with self created drama about politics, and masks, and guns, and people cutting them off in traffic

Joey admits his own personal demons with OCD and control issues.

When he sees people doing the wrong things, doing things differently than the way Joey thinks things ought to be done, he feeels obligated and compelled to correct their wrong doing and show them the error of their ways. They need to be taught a lesson and Joey feels the responsability to do just that whether it's on a heated Facebook discussion or driving through Kansas City traffic.

"But maybe it's me," Joey constantly tries to remember before doing something that only increases his aggravation and stress levels.

And urges salespeople to take a step back and ask themselves whether the problem is the problem, or am I the problem?

Try letting it go and diffusing your stress BEFORE you say something, post something, do something that's only going to alienate the very people you are trying to influence.

For stress reduction Joey highly recommends Japanes soaking tubs and the burnt ends from Arthur Bryant's Barbeque in Kansas City.

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