Cathy Nesbit – How Culture Creates Community

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times:”Sticking feathers up your butt doesn’t make you a chicken.”Social media is enormously powerful for making connections, building relationships, and telling the story you want to tell…. as long as that story has a basis in reality.Cathy Nesbit, Social Media Director at Harry Robinson Buick […]

Jon Dwoskin – Thinking Big & Acting Small

There are a lot of wannabe Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuks on the interwebs these days telling you to hustle harder and dream bigger.But you’re not going to check off those 200 things on your to-do list before your head hits the pillow. You’re just not.The good news, according to today’s guest on the Get […]

Ed Brooks – The Amazing Impact Your Reputation Can Have

Putting out your shingle. That’s what they used to call it. You start a business, you hang out your sign, and you hope enough people find you to keep you in business.Once upon a time, that was enough. Those days are over because being found is the easy part. Google fixed that.Today’s guest, automotive digital […]

Blaine Little – The One Big Reason Salespeople Won’t Make Cold Calls

I met a guy once who told me he had knocked on a million doors over his lifetime of selling door-to-door – books, vacuums, cleaning supplies.That’s a seemingly lost art. Salespeople don’t knock on doors as much anymore or pick up the phone to make an actual cold call for that matter. Who am I […]

Kelly Roach – The One Hour Hack That Can Save Your Business & Your Life

Everyone’s a hustler these days. Everyone wants to brag about their 80 hour work weeks and getting their grind on. But if you’re in sales and it takes you 80 hours a week to make quota, something’s not working right. Odds are it’s you.Kelly Roach, today’s guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show, is a […]

Erik Deckers – Do People Love To See You Coming…. or Going?

When people see you walk into a room or they look down at their phone and see it’s you calling them, they have one of two immediate, emotional responses. Oh, Good or Oh Shit!Which response they have is your personal brand, according to today’s guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show, Erik Deckers, author of […]

Kayla Barrett Curry – How One Bad Review Can Derail Your Entire Business

You have to treat your employees the way you want your employees to treat your customers because happy employees create happy customers.But that’s not enough according to today’s guest, Kayla Barrett Curry, co-author of Unstuck: 10 Proven Strategies for Breaking Through The Barriers To Small Business Growth.Today’s business model demands that you go beyond making […]

Steve Stauning – Stop Planning and Start Doing

Real life isn’t like the Marine Corp. No one’s going to make you get up and run 5 miles in the mud before breakfast. No sales manager is ever going to make you step out of your comfort zone and record video testimonials with your customers or make 50 dials a day.If you want to […]