Find Your People and Lift Them Up With Sherman Mohr

This week on the Get Ya Some Radio show I speak with Nashville entrepreneur and influence marketer, Sherman Mohr so of course the first question I ask is just what the heck does “influence marketing” mean anyway.We talk about the content marketing revolution and a dirt cheap, simple, and painless technique for creating shareable content […]

Getting A Life By Getting Rid Of Stuff with Felice Cohen

Download Audio:On this week’s episode, I chat with Felice Cohen, author of 90 Lessons For Living Large in 90 Square Feet (or More).Felice moved into a shoebox sized apartment in New York City to save money and finish a book. Along the way she discovered that all the stuff she had worried about giving up […]

The Ridiculously Obvious Secret To Social Selling with Mike Correra

I sit down this week to talk with 30 year automotive sales veteran Mike Correra.Mike has successfully navigated the Class IV rapids that the automotive business has been over that last 10 -15 years, from keeping up with past customers using index cards in a recipe box on his desk to connecting with a worldwide […]

Attract, Teach & Engage Your Customers on LinkedIn with Brynne Tillman

Some people use LinkedIn as an online resume… and that’s ok.Some people use LinkedIn for lead generation and some use it to build their personal brand… all valid uses.But this week’s guest, Brynne Tillman, uses LinkedIn as her own personal Serengeti, stalking big game and getting deals done.In this episode she shows us how to […]

The Subtlety of Failure with Chip Eichelberger

This week’s show is a slug fest. Sit down, buckle up, and hang on!I chat with best-selling author and motivational speaker, Chip Eichelberger. Chip was recently named one of the top 5 motivational speakers in the country having earned his chops as a point man and number one salesperson for Tony Robbins.His book, The Smart […]

Be Nice, Return Your Phone Calls & Tell The Truth with Doug Sandler

I chat this week with best selling author and all around Nice Guy, Doug Sandler.Doug is the best selling author of Nice Guys Finish First and co-host of Nice Guys on Business, recently named one of the top 12 business podcast in the multi-verse by Inc Magazine.We talk about making pivots in your career no […]

Slaying The Website Dragons with Jaime Jay on the Get Ya Some Radio Show

​ This week I sit down and chat with World Playoff Beard Champion, Jaime Jay. Jaime is a former paratrooper, founder of web development firm, Slapshot Studio, and the host of the Stop Riding The Pine podcast.Jaime and I talk about the Stanley Cup playoffs… because hockey.But then we get down to business talking about […]

Facts Tell. Stories Sell. – Mark Tewart On The Get Ya Some Radio Show

Seriously, you’re gonna want to get a pen and paper to have handy while you watch this episode.Best selling author and renowned sales trainer Mark Tewart joins me this week to talk about sales and marketing and how you can’t rely on one or the other. Your business demands that you do both.He talks about […]