Mark Tewart on The Power of Social Media

Every car shopper who walks on your lot likes to think they're perfectly rational and logical when it comes to buying a car. They've done all the research online. They know pretty much everything.

For that matter we all like to think we're rational creatures, but we're not. And car buyers are especially illogical because people don't make buying decisions for logical reason. Buying a car is a big deal, an emotional experience. People make buying decisions for emotional reasons and then use logic to justify their decisions.

Even after all of the research that people do online, a big chunk of them drive out of the dealership in a completely different car than the one they walked in to buy.

The NADA says that 71% of buyers bought because they liked their salesperson. They found someone to sit across the desk from them, look them in the eye, and help them find the right vehicle for them. They found a friend in the car business.

I had a conversation with Mark Tewart, sales trainer and author of How To Be A Sales Superstar. Mark says that your salesperson's personal story and how they weave that into the sales conversation makes all the difference. And that's why social media is so powerful to today's sales pros. It can make help make every relationship a personal relationship, before the customer ever sets foot in the showroom. 

I'd like to have a conversation with you about how I can help your salespeople tell their story and form more personal relationships with their customers - online and in real life. From kickoff workshops to jumpstart even your most reluctant salesperson's online efforts to ongoing followup to deep dive and fine tune their online profiles and images to custom branding tools to help everyone get more reviews, more referrals, and more repeat business, whatever it takes to get the job done, I can help.

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