The Ridiculously Obvious Secret To Social Selling with Mike Correra

I sit down this week to talk with 30 year automotive sales veteran Mike Correra.

Mike has successfully navigated the Class IV rapids that the automotive business has been over that last 10 -15 years, from keeping up with past customers using index cards in a recipe box on his desk to connecting with a worldwide network of car buyers on social media.

Mike talks about how he accidentally sold his first car on social media and decided to quit trying to live separate personal and professional lives

He talks about the misguided resistance in the car business to salespeople building their own network of buyers.

We chat about the idea that the key to social selling is just being social, the selling part will take care of itself.

He tells how he learned through trial and error the danger of "branding' himself too closely with any ​manufacturer or dealership.

And finally he offers an idea so simple for salespeople to dip their toes into social selling that hardly anyone believes will actually work, until it actually does!

Finally, a big shout out to this week's subscriber of the week Steve Busskohl from Norfolk, NE. ​Steve get a FREE copy of my #1 Best Seller BETTER! Self-help For The Rest Of Us. C'mon, you know you want one, but you have to SUBSCRIBE to win.

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