Customized Training Proposal for Zumbrota Ford & CDJR

Weekly Virtual Social Sales Training Meeting

Weekly Employee Spotlight Interviews

 Weekly Q & A Lab Sessions

 All Access Pass - 24/7 Terry Time ​

Weekly Virtual Social Sales Training Meeting

We'll meet virtually once a week for a 25 minute social sales sales training session covering social media, networking, prospecting, relationship building, sales follow up, reviews, referrals and repeat business.

I'll show your team how to sell more cars, make more money, and have more fun by creating an army of buyers who know, like and trust them.

Each session will conclude with a weekly challenge to motivate your team to put that week's lesson into action over the next seven days. Each session will begin with individual accountability and choosing a winner for the previous challenge (Weekly Spiff Money is a pretty good motivator, if you want to include that!)

Motivational Sales Speaker Terry Lancaster

Weekly Employee Spotlight Video

Once a week, I'll record a video interview with one of your employees

We'll chat for just about ten minutes about how they got into the car business, their favorite thing about working at the stores, and how they can help their customers make the second largest financial decision of their life.

Then we'll use that interview and clips from it to let everyone in Minnesota know that they've got a FRIEND IN THE CAR BUSINESS.

I'll show your team how to effectively share the videos with prospects on their personal social media PLUS I'll post the videos to the store's Facebook page and YouTube account with optimized title and descriptions to make sure you're getting the biggest bang for your buck!

Motivational Sales Speaker Terry Lancaster

Weekly Q & A Lab Sessions

I host a weekly Q & A Lab Session exclusively for all of my clients.

This is an informal gathering that allows us to answer individual questions, deep dive into the areas they want to explore, and review their social sales efforts.

Attendance is optional so they can pop in if they have something that they want to work on.

Car sales training by terry lancaster

All Access Pass - 24/7 Terry Time

The truth is I'm much better at selling for you than selling to you.

If you'll put me on the team, I'll be available to help you and your salespeople whenever you need the help and however I can be of service.

If they have question at 11 o'clock Saturday night, text me. If you've got an idea you want to run by me at 8 o'clock Monday morning, call me. 

Put me in, coach. Let's see how I can help!

Car Sales Coaching

$1400 per month

 No contracts

No commitment

If I'm not helping your team get better,

If I'm not paying my way,

If you're not excited to have me on the team

Then I don't want your money. PERIOD.

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