Personal Branding Bootcamp Day 5

Over the last last few days, we've been talking about planting the seeds that grow into the idea of you that exists in the minds of others. Using the right words and pictures to establish a memorable, likable, trustable personal brand. Growing and guarding the most valuable asset you'll ever own.. your reputation.

Today we're going to talk about where to plant those seeds, how to fertilize them, and how to train Google, Facebook, and the entire freaking internet to roll over, do tricks and tell the exact story that you want to the world to hear about you and your business.

You train the internet the exact same way you train a new puppy: repetition and reward.

Except Google and Facebook aren't interested in doggie biscuits. But Google and Facebook will stand up and beg for fresh content. Google and Facebook eat content for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Search engines and social media are content repurposing, recycling, and redistributing machines. That's what they do. They take your story, your blog posts, your pictures, your videos, run them through their filters and algorithms to find the perfect audience for what you've created, use your creations to attract an audience to their sites, and then sell advertising.

Without your playful kitty videos and 2 am drunk rants about your ex, Google and Facebook don't exist.

Social Media Consultant Joey Little says that 90% of social media users are lurkers, all they do is watch, and only 1% of users are content creators.

Google and Facebook need the 1% to create more content so that they can sell more advertising to companies wanting to reach 90%.

And they will reward you for creating that content by sharing it widely and telling the story you want to tell.

It's a Win - Win - Win scenario.

They get bait to attract more eyeballs. You get your message out. And most importantly your potential customers get the information they desperately need to make a decision.

The buying process has changed more in the last 10 year than in the last 10,000.

Your customers don't reach out during the information gathering stage anymore.

Information is now gathered behind closed doors, under dark of night, anonymously on the internet.

Information is now everywhere and it's free. They don't need to talk to a salesperson to find out about you, your products, your reputation, your prices, or your competition.

Depending on your industry up to 90% of all sales cycles begin with an internet search and your customers won't reach out or raise their hands to show interest until they're halfway through the decision making process or more.

But here's the thing:

They might not need you for information anymore, but they still need you.

People prefer to do business with PEOPLE, preferably people they know, like, trust.

Despite all the logical research that gets done online beforehand, people don't make buying decisions for logical reasons. They make buying decisions for emotional reasons. And they use logic to justify and explain those decisions

Most major sales happen when the customer finds someone who can sit across the desk, look them in the eye, and let them know they're making the right decision, that everything is going to be OK.

Friends like to buy from friends, and that's the way it's always been.

So you've got a choice, you can wait for them at the finish line, after they've researched everything there is to know about you, your reputation, your product, your prices, and your competition and hope that your winning smile, firm handshake, and pleasing personality will be enough to convince them that you are the friend they've been waiting for.

Or you can meet them back at the start of the race, online, and run it with them showering them with the helpful content they need along the way.

Not sales pitches, Helpful content.

You don't have to be Shakespeare, just fire up the blog on your new website and start writing.

You don't have to be Steven Spielberg, just whip out your phone and record a quick video.

You don't have to be Paul Harvey, just hit the record button and tell your friends.... THE REST OF THE STORY.

Whatever you create isn't going to be perfect. You'll never have the perfect equipment. But perfection doesn't exist in nature. It's an illusion and an obstacle that's stopping you from taking the first step.

You have all the tools you need to create the content that your customers are looking for. The only real question is do you have the cajones?

Bashful salespeople have skinny children


Create Something. Anything.

Take out your phone and record a video about the benefits of doing business with you.

Crank up the keyboard and write a 300 word blog post about 3 ways to do whatever it is your products help your customers do.

Take some cool pictures and post them.

Don't worry about perfection. Just start putting yourself out there.

Be sure to share your creation in the Personal Branding Mastermind Group, but share it everywhere else too. You do not need our permission to shine.

I know today was supposed to be the last day, but I've got BONUS LESSON for you tomorrow morning so check your email first thing, superstar.

"Terry provides sound, realistic, doable advice and is pretty darn funny delivering it."

- Sally Ulianich, The #LiveALittle Project


I know this is where I'm going to lose some of you. Putting yourself out there creatively can be scary, but the magic all happens outside your comfort zone. Without stress, there can be no growth.

You've still got a day or two to schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session with me to help push you through the pain. I can help you decide what kind of content to create, I can help you find your voice, and I can teach you some tricks to make you look like a pro. But I can't help if you don't call.

I only have a handful of slots on my schedule each week for these calls. Book yours today and start becoming the star you were born to be.