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Weekly online training to help you sell more cars & make more money, get more reviews, more referrals & more repeat business by building better, stronger, more authentic customer relationships - online & in real life.

Having Fun & Getting Deals Done!

Enough with the hustling and grinding already.

Enough with the 80 hour work weeks and the bell to bell days.

Enough with customers who think they have to stick it to you before you stick it to them

The car business doesn't have to be this way.

The single greatest thing about the car business is the fact that almost every human being you've ever met, every human being you're ever going to meet is going to buy a car someday, somewhere, from somebody. 

If EVERYONE IS A CAR BUYER, why wouldn't you spend more time dealing with people you like, with people who like you?

The NADA says the 71% of car buyers bought because they found a salesperson that they liked so why not start with people who already like you instead of spending 80 hours a week trying to talk strangers into giving you money?!

Motivational Sales Speaker Terry Lancaster

Make more friends; Sell more cars.

97% of car buyers would prefer to know who their salesperson is before they ever set foot in the dealership and those who have a prior relationship with their salesperson, whether it's personal or professional:

• Are many times more likely to make a deal

• Close on purchases much, much faster

• Give higher CSI scores and better reviews

• Send their family and friends to you for their next vehicle

• Come back again and again for years to come

And trust me, surfing a river of repeat and referral business is A LOT MORE FUN that chasing lot up or begging internet leads to return your 14th voice mail.

How To Sell More Cars

Here's How It Works

We'll get together once a week on video chat with other members of the HOW TO SELL MORE CARS MASTERMIND GROUP.

I'll do a brief 7 Minute Sales Meeting each week and then we'll have Q & A time to solve your problems, optimize your profiles and grow your network. 

We'll cover:

• Social Media • Videos • Prospecting • Networking • Marketing Yourself • Mindset • Postcards • Referral Programs • Getting More Reviews • Promo Items • More!

If I'm not making your life and your career better, I don't want your money so there's no commitment, no long term contract. 

All I ask is 45 minutes or so every Tuesday afternoon.

I'd love to see you there. 

how to sell more cars mastermind
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Who the #@&$! is Terry Lancaster?

I’ve worked with thousands of car dealer, managers, and salespeople providing proven strategies for making the cash register ring.

I conduct social sales training through keynote speeches, customized workshops designed for your business and through one-on-one coaching to provide the personalization and accountability to make big things happen.

On The Get Ya Some Radio Show, I interview salespeople in the trenches along with best selling authors discussing ways to create health, happiness, and prosperity in your life.

My two #1 Best Selling books, BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us and Unstuck, have both received glowing reviews from around the world thanking me for the actionable, life changing ideas they present.

In my personal life, I've survived Cancer. I've been inside a building that was hit by a tornado. I've been onboard one boat that sank and two planes that I was sure were about to crash. I've had a gun held to my head and a knife held to my throat. I lived through three teenage daughters and I've been married over 30 years... in a row!

When I'm not battling for truth, justice and the American Way, I spend most of my free time, like every other middle-aged, overweight, native southerner, at the ice rink playing hockey.