Erik Deckers on what personal branding really is

Your personal brand has absolutely nothing to do with being the Dodge Dude, the Chevy Chick, a ninja, guru, or a rockstar. It's not about what color your socks and ties are or what fonts you use on your web page and business card.

The funny thing is your personal brand ain't about you at all.

You personal brand is simply the idea of you that exists in other people's heads. It's the emotional response that they have to you. It's what they think about you and how you make them feel. Of course, for them to have any opinion about you at all, they have to know who you are. Becoming known is the primary ingredient in building a personal brand.

In the car business, the formula is simple. Make more friends. Sell more cars. The more relationships you have the more opportunities you have.

The other ingredient is reputation.

I interviewed author Erik Deckers who literally wrote the book personal branding. In his book Brand Yourself, Erik says that people have an immediate emotional response the moment you walk in a room or the minute they pick up the phone and see it's you calling. Either "Oh awesome, Terry's calling." That's the one you want. Or they think "oh, shit, Terry's calling." That's not what you want. But either way, good or bad, that's your personal brand. Watch Video.

Let's set up a time to chat about how I can help your salespeople build a better reputation and more relationships. About how they can leverage those two simple things into more reviews, more referrals, and more repeat business. I'll work with them to show just how easy it really is to start using social media to grow their business and I'll give them tools that make gathering reviews and referrals as easy as clicking a button.

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I've been dealing with Terry for years! He's always provided ads with a “wow” factor. I highly recommend any form of advertising he deals with!! Keep up the good work!!!

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Terry Lancaster provided a fun and informative way to maximize your prospects through social media. I would recommend his teaching strategies to everyone who wants to succeed in the digital marketplace.

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Terry Lancaster breaks down social media marketing in a simple way that is easy to follow and gets results.

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Terry's a great presenter and super resource. His approach to marketing, sales, and relationship building is applicable to YOUR business.

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