BETTER! Self-Help For The Rest Of Us

BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us is about putting aside our relentless pursuit of perfection and just being exactly who we are... only BETTER! It's about focus and flow. And it's about the science of habit formation.It's also a little bit about naked yoga and bird poop.

But the dirty little secret of the self help business is this: This book isn't going to change your life. No book can. Only you can do that. BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us can give you a roadmap and the tools you need to build a better life one minor adjustment at a time.

"This quirky and realistic guide to bettering yourself is unlike any I have ever read before." 

- KC Trama

"By far the funniest self-help book I've ever read!"

- Kelly Rosenberg

"BETTER! Self Help For The Rest of Us was Exactly what I needed to read. Practical. Funny. Life-Changing."

-Angela Braach

"This book is funny, fast-paced, entertaining and it really makes you get off your butt and do something about your life."

- Shirley Yirmeyahu