Emergency Payment Reduction Program

Car Dealer Advertising

Car dealers are clawing their way back to whatever the new version of normal looks like.

Customers are struggling, looking for ways for their household to survive financially.

Manufacturers are offering discounts, incentives, and financing programs to help both come out of this crisis in one piece.

We've created a true multi channel ad program that  lets your dealership reach the local customers who need your help... and your cars.

Market availability is limited so reserve your event TODAY while you can.

Call or text 615-804-0311 today.

Television Ads

Get high-impact, attention-grabbing, market-dominating car dealer TV spots that stand out, get noticed and sell more cars.

  • Broadcast
  • Cable
  • YouTube
  • Social Media

No contracts. No commission. No BS.

Just drop of hat turnaround times to fill up your store (and your CRM) fast!

Call or text today. Start your sale tomorrow


Direct Mail

direct mail for car dealers

From saturation mailers that reach every household in your market with powerful calls to action plus prizes and incentives that car buyers can't resist...

To targeted buy back offers that let your struggling customers know that you can take their current vehicle and their current payment...

Off their hands!

Direct mail doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Our wholesale to the dealer pricing gets you in the mailbox for less.

And our industry leading turnaround times gets you there faster.

Call or text 615-804-0311 to get the presses rolling.

Radio Spots

Car Dealer Advertising

Get car dealer radio spots that jump out of the speakers and DEMAND TO BE HEARD!

Whether you're on your favorite local station or on the latest music streaming service, radio is the world's most intrusive medium, always there whispering in your customers ear... well, maybe doing a little more than whispering.

We can have a spot written and produced ASAP that lets your customers know  you've got  the car, truck or SUV they need at payment they can afford...

even if their credit's so bad their momma won't loan them money!

Call or text today. Start your sale tomorrow. 615-804-0311.

Facebook Sales Events

Facebook sales events

We Place The Ads
We Respond To The Leads
We Set The Appointments (5-15 a day!)
We Make Sure They Actually Show Up
• All YOU Do Is What You Do Best... CLOSE THE DEALS!

Market availability is limited so book your Facebook® Sales Event before the competition does.

Call or text 615-804-0311 today.

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