Ed Brooks – The Amazing Impact Your Reputation Can Have

Putting out your shingle. That's what they used to call it. You start a business, you hang out your sign, and you hope enough people find you to keep you in business.

Once upon a time, that was enough. Those days are over because being found is the easy part. Google fixed that.

Today's guest, automotive digital marketing consultant Ed Brooks says that "Your customers aren't looking for you. They're looking for answers. Being "found" doesn't move the metal; being "chosen" sells cars."

And being chosen is a much more dynamic, intricate, chaotic process than simply being found.

Every customer follows a different road to your business in real life and online. And every step along the way something influences their decision.

Cars.com breaks it down to the four P's - Product, Place, Price, and People because now more than ever consumers are looking to find the person they want to do business with. Whether they're buying a house, a car or any other major purchase YOUR reputation, not just your employer's reputation or your product's reputation, will be one of the major considerations into whether you get chosen or not.

Ed goes on to talk about the personal elements than can help you establish that human bond with your customers and shares his personal story of having to start his life and career all over at ground zero by learning how to talk again.

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