Blaine Little – The One Big Reason Salespeople Won’t Make Cold Calls

I met a guy once who told me he had knocked on a million doors over his lifetime of selling door-to-door - books, vacuums, cleaning supplies.

That's a seemingly lost art. Salespeople don't knock on doors as much anymore or pick up the phone to make an actual cold call for that matter. Who am I kidding? Most don't even follow up with their current prospect.

And there's only one reason they don't: The Fear of Rejection

Blaine Little, today's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show offers up a handful of proven strategies for putting on our big boy pants, overcoming our fear and knocking on the dang door.

Hope is not a strategy and too many salespeople spend too much time hoping the leads are gonna call and then praying they call back.

Blaine gives us a drop dead simple one line open to break the ice on cold calls and find out in seconds what our next steps should be.

He outlines a two step system for establishing instant rapport with our prospects, bringing down the barriers that customers often instinctively build up between us, and finding the common ground that gives them permission to know, like, and trust us.

He gives a formula for determining the EXACT MOMENT your customers will be most receptive to a follow up call and he tells you the one thing you need to do TODAY to start winning friends and influencing people - Belly to Belly!


Feb 28, 2018 in Murfreesboro, TN. 

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