17 Drop Dead Simple Things You Can Do On Social Media Today To Sell More Cars Today

The last thing you need is one more guy telling you your salespeople need to be more proactive on social media.

I mean you know the numbers:

90 some odd percent of all car sales begin online.

97 percent of all buyers would prefer to know their salesman before they get to the dealership.

70 percent of buyers buy because they like their salesperson.

People want to buy from people they know, like, and trust.

You're in the friend-making business and social media is the greatest way to make a lot of friends... fast. You already know that

But knowing what needs to be done, and getting your salespeople to actually do it are two entirely different things.

If you'll join me at the Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver on April 3rd and 4th, I'll be speaking about 17 drop dead simple things that even your stubbornest, laziest salesperson can do on social media TODAY to start selling more cars TODAY.

You'll leave this program equipped to help your people:

  • Reach shoppers earlier in the buying process BEFORE they’ve submitted their names to every lead provider on the internet
  • Generate their own book of business instead of standing around the front door waiting on the Up Bus
  • Create more referrals, more reviews, and more repeat business by building deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers

Now I know this is the Innovative Dealer Summit, but I'm not going to be using the 2018 buzzwords like autonomous, attribution, or artificial intelligence,

We're going to be talking about real world ideas that you can put to work in your store the minute you get back to your store.

And knowledge that you can actually use is the greatest innovation of all

If you'd like to set up a time while we're in Denver to chat about how I can help you, your store, and your staff, you can reach me at 800-352-3305

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