Kayla Barrett Curry – How One Bad Review Can Derail Your Entire Business

You have to treat your employees the way you want your employees to treat your customers because happy employees create happy customers.

But that's not enough according to today's guest, Kayla Barrett Curry, co-author of Unstuck: 10 Proven Strategies for Breaking Through The Barriers To Small Business Growth.

Today's business model demands that you go beyond making your employees and customers happy. They have to become engaged, fulfilled, proud members of your community and advocates for you and your business.

The balance of power has shifted and we now live in an employee market, in a buyer's market. 20 years ago, you could blow off one bad employee. When a customer was being a pain in the rear, you could tell them to take a hike. But in today's connected economy one unhappy customer and one bad review can overwhelm even the largest marketing budgets.

Paying high wages and offering the low prices are just the starting point, the entry fee to get you in the game. 

People connect with people and you have to offer your employees and your customers a human experience that leaves them anxious to help you spread your message and your products. 

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