Thou Shalt Not Pay (or Even Ask) for Referrals with Stacey Brown Randall

If you're begging, pleading, or bribing your customers for referrals, you're flat doing it wrong.

That's the gospel according to Stacey Brown Randall, this week's guest on the Get Ya Some Radio Show.

Common wisdom and decades of sales training say that you have to ask for referrals. Ask and you get; don't and you won't. But Stacey says not only should you never pay for referrals, you shouldn't even ask.

Most everyone can agree that referrals are usually the easiest to close and the least price sensitive sales prospects you'll see all day IF they are true referrals and IF they bubble up organically. 

The "referrals" you get by begging, pleading, and bribing often aren't true referrals at all because they're missing one of the critical elements that make referrals so valuable - a specific connection and a specific need.

Stacey talks about the three types of psuedo-referrals you get by begging, pleading, and bribing and the loss of trust your create by paying for referrals.

She says that true referrals come from better relationships with clients and your centers of influence and the first step is sitting down to find out exactly where your referrals actually come from. Once you've got that information and you know who to talk to:

Quit asking and start rewarding

Showing genuine, authentic gratitude for a specific connection to a specific prospect with a specific need, that's where the honey is.

Stacey has set up a reward for Get Ya Some Radio Show viewers who would like to learn more about how to get more referrals without paying for them, or even asking. You can sign up for her 5 Day Referral Jumpstart program and download her report The 7 Deadly Sins of Generating Referrals, all absolutely free at:

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