Perfection Is An Illusion And An Obstacle

We Can Be HeroesI don’t mean to burst your bubble, but you’re never going to be perfect. There’s no such thing. Perfect doesn’t exist in nature.

Perfect is an illusion created by marketers to sell us hair care products

And perfect is an obstacle. Every day we let the siren song of perfection get in the way of us living the lives we were born to lead. We keep waiting around, hoping for perfect and settling for average.

Well, average sucks.

We’re not meant to be perfect. But we are meant to be better. Human beings are designed for continuous improvement.

You’re probably never going to be a millionaire. You’re probably never going to be a movie star, run a marathon or have a perfect set of six pack abs.

But here’s the good news: It doesn’t matter.

You don’t need any of these things. You don’t need perfection to live a better life. You can be healthier. You can be happier. And you can be more prosperous.

You can be better.

But hoping for it and wishing for it, talking about it and dreaming about it, visualizing it and lighting candles, none of that stuff is going get the job done.

You have to do something about it. You have to get up off your ass and make it happen

You can have a better life. You can be better. And you can start right now.


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Terry LancasterTerry Lancaster is the VP of Making S#!% Happen at Instant Events Automotive Advertising, father of 3 teenage daughters and a Beer League Hockey All Star, as if there could ever be such a thing. You can connect with Terry on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.