How to Create a Social Sales Culture

Reviews, referrals, word of mouth, testimonials... these are all currency in today's social shared economy.

And it's not rocket science. If you want your customers to tell their friends and family about your business, you have to give them an experience worth talking about. OK isn't good enough anymore. You have to amaze them.

Most people are on board with that, but the hard part is understanding that if you want your employees to WOW your customers, it's your job to WOW your employees. You can't take their heads off in a sales meeting and expect them to go out on the show room floor spreading sunshine.

It all starts at the top.

So here are 5 Ways that you can help your team give every customer a buying experience so AMAZING that they just can't help but tell everyone they know!


Shocked woman on computer

7 Big Mistakes Your Salespeople are Making on Social Media - damaging your reputation, scaring away customers, and costing your dealership real money.

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