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You never really know where an interview is going to go. I’m a few decades removed from my college experience, but Frederic Bye and I spend a good portion of my appearance on his Creative Magic Unchained podcast talking about whether college is even necessary in today’s economy and how picking a major, picking a school, and yes even starting a business are not decisions about the rest of your life. Quit sweating it, take the next step, stumble forward and make your life a little BETTER! with every fall along the way.

The great surprise is near the end, when for the second time a podcaster randomly picks out and reads back to me and the audience my favorite words out of all the words I’ve ever written, a short paragraph about The Miracle of Now.

Listen to Creative Magic Unchained here

Yum Yum. Get Ya Some.

Get ya some itty bitty

Sure it's about selling more stuff, but the Get Ya Some Radio Show is mostly about creating health, happiness, and prosperity in your life, building a better business by building a better you.

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